Sore fingers: Making fabric with electronic waste.

This is my first post on my new blog, on my shiny new website. (God bless Squarespace). My blog will be brief. Fun. And full of sustainable design stories. 

I'm into sustainability. A mindset that lets me have as little impact on my environment as possible. Which is a real mind fart for an artist or a designer. Because, we want to make and create! But I'm haunted a bit by the idea that the world has enough stuff already. So why add to it? (How dare you!? I think, internally.) And we consume too much as it is.

So rather than screaming at strangers about how pish Primark is, I make beautiful things with waste. Specifically electronic waste. I was lucky to find a keen collaborator several years ago who liked the cut of my jib and gave me scrap telecom cables. This is now what I use to make exhibition and interior textiles. 

A hand woven fabric sample using reclaimed telecom cable.

A hand woven fabric sample using reclaimed telecom cable.

Working with industrial waste and reclaimed telecom cables is as unglamorous as it sounds. It involves stripping cables. By hand. Into individual 'yarns'. Then force them through an old fashioned hand loom which is used to soft supple cottons and wools. I've got cuts and scrapes, tough fingers and have developed a vocabulary worse than Malcolm Tucker's.

Anyway, here I am. On-the-line. With a new portfolio website. Trying to spread the good world of Scottish sustainable design. I'll be making larger bits of fabric for furniture and interiors so keep in touch if you like my ideas. You can see more of the fabric I make on my new site  And please come say hello on social media.